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It’s important for us all to be as safe as we possibly can. It’s no secret that nefarious people are working harder than ever to compromise our safety, whether it’s something to hurt us or the people we love. It’s important to protect ourselves at all costs, and there has been technology that was designed to assist us in these matters. One such piece of technology goes by the name of SpyBubble Pro. It fashions itself as being the most advanced cell phone monitoring and tracking system available.

Here, it’s our aim to review the product and set people up to make an informed decision regarding the product.

Spybubble Pro Version

Spybubble Pro Version

Benefits of Monitoring Programs

Firstly, it’s good to talk about who can benefit from a product like this. While it does seem to be an invasion of privacy to some, it’s something that can be used as a preventative measure. Parents understand the importance of monitoring their children’s activity, as well as business owners who employ a certain amount of people. There’s the need to protect and be absolutely sure – there could be a lot at stake.

The Features

The first thing that you should know is that there’s a standard and pro version of SpyBubble Pro. The Spybubble Pro version – as you’d expect – is considered to be the most comprehensive version of the program. The Pro version of SpyBubble includes two features that the standard version does not. The first is call listening. This allows the user to monitor any phone call that they wish. It essentially takes all of the guesswork that one would have.

For example, a parent could use the program to see whether or not their son or daughter is talking to someone that they didn’t approve of. Another example is whether or not your employee is using their company-mandated cell phone to use it for purposes that they aren’t intended to.

Another great feature of the program is known as the environment listening. This is a rather nifty feature, as it allows a person to listen to the surrounding environment as well as the phone call itself. This is a complementary feature, and definitely one that works very well with the other pro feature – call listening.

In addition to the pro version of the program, the native version does come with some decent – and typical – features. The software includes call tracking, SMS tracking, GPS location tracking, phone book access, email tracking, URL tracking and photo tracking. These are a decently stout array of features that round out the program in a way that will generally benefit the person who is looking to use them.


If one is to buy this program, it would help to know what smartphone operating systems that it handles. Fortunately enough, this seems to be a program where that won’t be too much of a problem. Virtually every phone can handle the software, seemingly regardless of when it was made. This is definitely a good point, as it doesn’t seem to leave many manufacturers and operating systems out in the cold.

At current, the tracking software supports:

Windows Mobile 5 and Windows 6 models
Android 1.0 and higher
Symbian S60 3rd Edition, 3rd Edition Feature P1, Edition Feature P2, and 5th Edition
All iPad Models
Blackberry 4.2.1 and higher

As you can see, the support doesn’t seem to be that much of an issue. Everyone seems to be represented well here, which is most definitely a good thing considering the nature of the software. No parent, employee, or spouse will without functionality here. It does cover all bases – however – it would be in their benefit to update what they have for their Windows offerings.

The Good of SpyBubble

In a nutshell, the program does a few things reasonably well. The amount of features that it possesses are good. It basically covers the whole gambit of monitoring, allowing the user to get their hands on the information that they like. In addition to that, it does do a good job of delivering this information in a variety of ways. A lot of products in this industry have gotten bad marks in this respect. Many of which also do not seem to be that reliable when it comes to delivering information. At the very least – they don’t do it fast enough. This program seems to be better about that.

In addition to this, the price seems to be right about where a person would want it. A while ago, these types of products would seem to be significantly more expensive than what this program comes for. At the present time, you can buy the standard program for $49.95 and the pro version of the program for $84.90. What’s more is that all of the popular payment considerations have been made. People can buy it with MasterCard, EuroCard, Discover, Visa and PayPal.

The Website

The website is laid out in a decent manner. While it does look a bit sales-oriented for some people’s tastes, it does have all of the pertinent information prominently displayed. It even has a comprehensive list of the benefits and phones that it does support. It even has some sample scenarios and testimonials from people who have used the product in the past.


If you’re looking for a pretty decent monitoring program, this is one that’s worth checking out. It may not be one of the best available on the market, it does seem to be one that has all of its bases covered. If you feel as if your children are hiding something from you, or you have nefarious employees – this will do the job. It’s true that while not everyone will feel good about using these types of programs, some feel as if it’s better to be on the safe side. In any event – in all of the programs that are available – this one does seem to be able to handle the load in a pretty good way.

If you wish to know all the features included in the Basic and Spybubble Pro version, or start a 60 day test, money back trial, click the link below

Spybubble Pro Version


There is no longer a Spybubble Pro Version of the software. There is only one Spybubble software version. Since October 2014, the software is no longer being sold. And all the versions sold before, are still working, but the mobile phone owners are being notified, that the Spybubble software is installed and the phone activity is being monitored. With this changes, Spybubble can no longer being considered a spy software, but more a monitoring software.